Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brothers, Part 4

Now we get into the second place where the brothers differ: how do you win?

For Boromir, the military victory is the greatest prize. It doesn’t matter how one wins, just as long as one does. Boromor saw the Ring as a means to an end. Yes, it may be evil, but it would be right to use it if it accomplished a greater good. He is against the idea of destroying it. He tells the Council,

“Valor needs first strength, and then a weapon. Let the Ring be your weapon, if it has such power as you say. Take it and go forth in victory!” (Fellowship p. 300)
The means isn’t important; the victory at the end is. The goal is important, not how one achieves the goal. Dickerson writes in his book Following Gandalf,
“For Boromir, what matters is military victory. If one has to be ruthless to win, one should be ruthless” (p. 61)
Boromir is willing to break some rules if it gives him a military advantage. If he needs to steal an evil ring to win, then fine.

Written by Becky Brasby

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