Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brothers, Part 2

The first difference is how the brothers view war and battle. Both men are great warriors, and perfectly able to fight and lead men into battle. Yet their motives and how they view it are very different.

For Boromir, battle is where glory is to be earned. Matthew Dickerson, speaker and teacher, writes,
“He sees war and battle as opportunities for personal glory and, in particular, the chief place where glory is to be earned” (Following Gandalf p. 60)

Boromir loves the glory of battle and sees it as the greatest honor a man can have. For him, the military victory is the greatest prize. As Foster points out in his book A Guild to Middle-Earth,
“Boromir cared little for anything save arms and battle” (p. 35)
For him, the glory of battle is very important. It is his motive to fight: to win glory.

Written by Becky Brasby

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