Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More on the Lost Genre Guild

Trying to define Christian speculative fiction is sometimes like trying to herd chickens or sweep water, but The Lost Genre Guild has made a strong effort. Take a look at their definition here.

Check out their examples in the left column. They've done a nice job enlarging the boundaries for Christian speculative fiction to include topics I hadn't thought of. How about space opera? Or cyberpunk?

Their list of featured books include some recent offerings that are excellent, such as Shade and Never Ceese. Take a look.

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Terri said...

It's true, they have helped to define the genre and it's subgenres. It has also drawn a lot of talented people who want to both glorify God and write strong speculative fiction.

I know it changed my life. I wrote about it in my blog

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I think you've hit on one of the unique elements of the Guild, Kathy--their enlarging of the boundaries of Christian speculative fiction.

Good post.


Frank Creed said...

You may like this too--the most comprehensive list of spec-fic sun-genres on the Web. From my October Underground Newsletter:

Grace Bridges said...

The support's much appreciated by all of us! Now, are you going to read any of our books? :)