Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Christian thriller

In the movie, A Beautiful Mind, we were drawn into the world of the brilliant mathematician John Nash, seeing the world through his eyes. We are drawn to his incredible ability to crack codes for the Pentagon and panic when he must flee from Russian gunfire - an unexpected turn in his patriotic duty.

So it's jolting when we learn that Nash has been seeing delusions. His roommate doesn't really exist and there is no code to crack. He's a schizophrenic, unable to tell reality from hallucination.

That same kind of tension opens John Olson's book, Shade. We meet Hailey who is hospitalized after escaping something that doctors are sure was a hallucination. The confusion that Hailey feels - is she delusional or is she recalling reality - blends into the writing style of the book. We feel that same confusion.

We meet Melchi, the giant man who rescued her, and believe he is real. But he struggles with forces and beings that we can't identify. Is he delusional as well? Does he even exist or is he a hallucination? Hailey struggles - and so do we.

Don't read this book if you're trying to put yourself to sleep at night. You'll be fighting off sleep at 2 am to finish the next chapter. It's a good read with lots of adventure and an intriguing look at hallucinations vs. reality.

Check out Olson's book here or here.

Tomorrow we'll discuss the faith journey that guides Melchi and lures Hailey.

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