Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Personifid Invasion

Imagine a world where there are no more headaches, no back problems, no aching muscles. No death.

Imagine that your soul could be preserved in the core of an artificial body, invulnerable to the weaknesses of flesh and bones.

That’s the world of the personifid, which are humans transformed. A simple procedure, after paying your fee of course, captures your soul as your body perishes and places that soul in a safe impenetrable core of a body you choose.

That’s the world explored in R.E. Bartlett’s The Personifid Invasion, which follows her first book The Personfid Project.

We follow the story of two adult siblings in search of their lost sister. In entering the city of San Edhem, they discover a city overrun by interterrestrials. On ancient Earth, these “inters” were known as demons.

While a sister is drawn to the clever deceptions of the inters, Followers of Tri-Une use courage and prayer to battle the interterrestrials.

I found The Personifid Invasion’s storyline engaging, one of those books that keeps you up til 2 am, turning the page while knowing you should turn out the lights. The computer technology was engaging while never distracting from the plot. There’s plenty of humor to balance the harshness of life in San Edhem with a little romance tossed in for spice.

But especially I was intrigued by the ideas presented in the book. Why would people exchange physical bodies for artificial ones? Or, why would any refuse to accept this potential for immortality? Why endure the pain of emotions or pangs of hunger when one could simply float in a body that endures forever?

It’s a fascinating idea and one that I will examine further tomorrow.

The Personifid Invasion will be released by Marcher Lord Press on October 1 as we all celebrate the birth of the “premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction.” Get your copy and settle in for a great read.

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Steve said...

Good post. I look forward to reading your follow-up.