Monday, August 4, 2008

Never Ceese review

It caught me by surprise but using a werewolf and a vampire produced an amazing fresh look at the hunger for redemption when trapped in a curse. But that’s the underlying message of Never Ceese by Sue Dent, a horror story melding the werewolf-vampire legends with a family of faith.

The werewolf, Ceese, and the vampire, Richard, wrestle with their curses. For Ceese, the wolf within rages at every turn to claim her soul. Richard has refused to curse another, although the desire to do so tears at him daily.

They are bound together because of their ties to Penny, who is determined to help them find a way out of the curse that they long to cast aside. The story is a page-turner, with fresh adventure and humor – and even unexpected romance – every step of the way.

Can two who were wronged make it right? Their desire to be free wars against the curse’s hold on them, making every decision and every action a rippling agony.

The story captures the torture of our own inner sin, when we rage against doing what we do not wish to do while not doing what we want to do, as the apostle Paul describes in the book of Romans. Although Ceese and Richard want to be free and made whole, their very nature sabotages their plans.

Can they make it right? Can we?

Check out Never Ceese and join the hunt.

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