Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marcher Lord Press

I recently sat under the teaching of Jeff Gerke, aka Jefferson Scott, at a Christian writers’ conference. “You can’t sell Christian fantasy to the Christian market,” he told our fiction-writing class. “But look at the teenagers who are here. They’re all writing fantasy.”

Jeff wondered what that meant for the future of Christian fantasy – and so do I.

In fact, I came home from the conference with a new agenda: to write with my own teenagers who were both writing – guess what: fantasy.

I understand that publishing companies, Christian and otherwise, are concerned with their bottom line. And, as Jeff so eloquently pointed out, the biggest customers for CBA are women who are purchasing books for women. Christian romance, for example, is selling very well.

Fantasy, not so much.

Many women don’t buy fantasy.

Jeff hopes to be ready for the change he sees coming when our teenagers are book-buying and book-writing adults. He’s started an independent publishing company, Marcher Lord Press, with the first books to be launched on Oct. 1, 2008. We’ll track that progress here.

If you’re an author of speculative fiction, check out Marcher Lord Press submission requirements. If you’re a reader of speculative fiction, get ready for some fresh work about to appear.

Head on over to Marcher Lord Press to sign up for free prizes. And be sure to indicate that Kathy Brasby referred you. (I get more chances that way.)


M. C. Pearson said...

Jeff will be having some of his Marcher Lord Press books on FIRST Wild Card. :-D

Okay, I've put up this site on the FIRST links for your Spec Fic posts. Do you need me to send you the FIRST button again for this blog?

Sue Dent said...

To the comment you say Jeff made, that you can't sell fantasy to the Christian market, Jeff's referring to the CBA Christian market which is where he comes from. The general Christian market LOVES fantasy!!! Speculative and otherwise. It's becoming more and more important for Christian publishers to say who their market is. IMO

Jeff no longer serves the CBA conserevative evangelical market. :)

Fantasy Fan said...

Sue, thanks for the clarification. You're right, I didn't make it clear that Jeff was referring to CBA market. Yes, there's a lot of interest in fantasy and I do wonder why CBA drags its feet. Jeff is an important voice.

Sue Dent said...

LOL CBA is dragging its feet because fantasy doesn't appeal to their core market. The Christian readers who want fantasy aren't typically readers of CBA Christian fantasy.

Not to worry. Plenty of general market Christian fantasy out there now and more coming. I believe CBA will continue to slowly add fantasy titles through their bigger authors but their market just doesn't want fantasy as a rule. And that's not my opinion. That's theirs. :)